About Christina Pirello

Christina Pirello

Christina Pirello, MFN, is one of America’s preeminent authorities on healthy living with natural and whole foods at its core. She’s made it her purpose in life to show that everyone can look their best and feel great too, by understanding the impact of food on day to day wellness.

Christina’s love affair with food began when she was young. She spent many happy hours cooking with her mother, who centered the family life in her Italian kitchen. That joy helped Christina understand the healing power of food; an understanding she would put to its test at age 26 when she was diagnosed with terminal leukemia. Her doctors gave her little chance of recovery, and her options with conventional medical therapies were limited. She was told she had only months to live and to prepare herself for the inevitable.

She was discouraged and uncertain. A chance meeting with (her now husband) Robert Pirello changed her life forever. Robert, a whole foods macrobiotic advocate, helped Christina change her lifestyle and diet based on healthy eating. Incorporating whole and unprocessed foods ultimately saved her life! Christina overcame the odds and in the process developed an expertise in cooking with whole natural foods.

From that time, utterly convinced of the close relationship between diet and health, she found her life’s purpose was to help others discover the importance of this relationship in their own lives. Christina studied and became an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, acupuncture, macrobiotics and earned a Master’s Degree in Food Science and Nutrition. She has authored eight cookbooks on the subject of healthy eating and natural living. The latest, “Back to the Cutting Board,” is designed to inspire us to get back in the kitchen and nourish ourselves well with simple, easy, luscious recipes.

Today, almost 36 years after her illness, Christina is a glowing example of the power of food in creating health and well-being.

As Christina says. “It’s time to change the health of the world, even if it’s one meal at a time.”