About Mike Moses

Mike Moses

I'm a Personal Chef and Professional Photographer based in Nova Scotia, Canada.
I have been cooking for more than 40 years and a personal chef for the last 10.
I can remember watching my mother, magically whip up Brown Bread, and disappear into the kitchen, only to produce something fantastic in what seemed like minutes.
Mind you I was only 12 when I started cooking, and she let me have free reign in the kitchen.
There were successes and failures, but I never stopped trying and learning.
When I moved out on my own, knowing how to cook, kept me out of trouble, maybe, and also allowed me to experiment even more.
Jump ahead to 2007 when I became a Personal Chef. Preparing restaurant-quality meals for family, friends, and customers became my passion.
I'm also a photographer, mostly landscapes, cityscapes and commercials, but I also love to photograph the food that I create.