About Susette Sánchez Valdez

Susette Sánchez Valdez

I am part of the third generation of lovers of this culinary art: my two grandmothers, who had a unique Sazón of Goddesses; and my mother Susana, who learned from my grandmother the flavor and love for cooking. Those aromas and flavors that I grew up with as a child now live on my palate and come to life in my heart.

Helping in my mother’s catering business, I discovered my passion for cooking and expressing emotions through food. Delighting my clients is an emotion without description when you feel so free to express yourself. My kitchen is the way to flow and strengthen my soul and heart. For me, cooking is synonymous with love and happiness.

As a private chef, Susette's Catering & More ... gave me the freedom to work and guide my son as he grew. I was blessed with being recommended by clients, so I kept my schedule full of work

In 2016 I began offering chef services to private yachts, and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences. Cooking on the high seas for days is never the same as cooking in land – it is daily learning, creating and improvising, since you cannot run to a market if you forgot any ingredient.

Soon after, I began working with Wild Cabo Tours Group on the Cabo Wave Luxury Catamaran. As Chef to Sea, I created menus that took diners on rich culinary experiences. I also had the opportunity to participate in the projects of Cabo Rural and Sabor a Cabo 2018, among many others.

Now, I spend my days creating menus, teaching cooking classes, and continuing my catering services. With this character, passion, Sazón and always looking for excellence in everything I do. I'm very proud, grateful and satisfied of the path I’ve traveled. I declare myself imperfect, crazy, passionate, loyal to myself therefore to others, totally mortal and happy.

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