About Vanessa Bayma Kuiper

Vanessa Bayma Kuiper

Chef Bayma's passion for cooking was born under both her Sicilian and Brasilian grandmothers' feet as a child and carried on throughout her professional career. Starting at age 13 at a mom-and-pop's pizzeria, to working through college at a law firm and Central Florida's largest catering company, she always found herself surrounded by the motivational and supportive mentors a young professional deserves.

Chef Bayma's ambition and curiosity have driven her to discover new aspects to her cooking style and she is always on the lookout for new things. She has always been fascinated with flavor combinations and experimental cooking to satisfy her clients' palates and specific dietary needs. To date, she has assisted her clients in numerous concepts in U.A.E., Kyrgystan, Korea, and Saudi Arabia, and continues to provide VVIPs bespoke services on their vacation yachts and homes each summer in the Mediterranean.

Chef Bayma has gained numerous outstanding achievements in her career; such as Mastercard Priceless live-stream cooking shows, directing the VVIP sector of the MDL Music festival, refereeing in the popular TV show "Kitchen Killadi", and Two Silver Medals at the Golden Torque ME, to name a few. She is board-certified with the London City and Guilds and a member of the Emirates and Culinary Guild.

With a flair for showmanship and a sharp business sense, Chef Bayma has developed her talents and passions to deliver the best to her clients and their customers.