The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean

About Us

Margaret and Joe Andraos opened The Mediterranean Restaurant in 1997 because they felt that there were few places outside of Philadelphia to get healthy Mediterranean foods. Because of Margaret's Italian background and Joe's Lebanese heritage, they decided on a fusion of Italian and Lebanese foods. At "The Med" we cook and serve the foods we eat at home with family and friends!

The menu varies from time to time to incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables purchased from local growers. Grass fed meats, fresh seafood, whole grains, hand crafted pasta, and healthy, cold pressed oils are the heart of The Mediterranean's dishes. We also consider food allergies, gluten intolerance, and other special diets.

Local, health food is our life and passion. We personally source out the best food options, and prepare them with love and care. Fresh, wholesome food is the heart of our family. Our goal is to share it with your friends and family!

At “The Med” we have been crafting food with local produce long before anyone used the phrase “farm-to-table” because we have a passion for fresh ingredients!

We serve seasonal produce from a local farm in Lancaster, our meat is always grass-fed and organic, and our seafood is always wild caught.

The bread served is made in our bakery next door with a natural wild yeast leaven.